Chris Trinidad’s Certain Times

GENRES: Contemporary mainstream jazz with hints of ECM

INFLUENCES: Bill Bruford; Jack DeJohnette; Steve Gadd; Steve Swallow; Gerry Mulligan



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Chris Trinidad’s Certain Times

Music written in the span of a single week in December, capturing an inspired time in Chris’s life

Chris amassed a collection of melodies, riffs, and other musical ideas during his first five years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the course of a week, he fashioned them into a suite he called “Certain Times.”

Chris met drummer Aaron Kierbel while working with Aisha Fukushima, and shared a kindred rhythmic connection with him. While gigging with Lina Torio, Chris worked with pianist Alex Conde. Finally, while sharing the stage with the Danny Cao sextet, Chris met baritone saxophonist Charlie Gurke. This album features unusual arrangements with baritone sax alternating between doubling bass lines and playing lead melodies. A cohesive sound emerges from Aaron’s deep listening Alex’s Flamenco-inspired piano playing.

Chris Trinidad: bass guitar; Alex Conde: piano; Charlie Gurke: baritone saxophone; Aaron Kierbel: drum set