Chris Trinidad’s Common Themes I

GENRES: Mainstream acoustic jazz

INFLUENCES: Chris Tarry; Joni Mitchell; Pat Metheny; Gary Burton; Ralph Towner; Oregon



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Chris Trinidad’s Common Themes I

An acoustic jazz collaboration with multilingual vocals

This album features Vancouver-based musicians Larry Olson, Budge Schachte, Nick Apivor, and Davidian Chorley. The interplay between the various instruments recalls the chamber jazz of the 1970s. Chris plays bass guitar and sings in French, Tagalog, Spanish, and English.

Chris was inspired by the music of Oregon and Ralph Towner, Gary Burton, Brad Turner, and Pat Metheny. He assembled a group of musicians who’d played with him in various capacities, but not together. Chris met percussionist Nick on a set when both were performing as extras as musicians for a movie that never materialized. Their friendship led to work with Ache Brasil, where Chris met guitarist Budge Schachte. Nick also introduced Chris to the world of Afro-Cuban rhythms with the Marlin Ramazzini Orquesta, where he met woodwind specialist Davidian Chorley. Finally, Chris recruited the drummer who gave him his very first gig: his high school band teacher, Larry Olson.

Chris Trinidad: bass guitar, voice; Larry Olson: drum kit; Nick Apivor: mallet and auxiliary percussion; Budge Schachte: guitars; Davidian Chorley: saxophones, flute