Chris Trinidad y Con Todo

GENRES: Latin Jazz, songo, timba, salsa, mambo, cha cha cha, plena

INFLUENCES: Irakere, Los Van Van, Rumba Calzada, Shango Ashe, and Pacific Mambo Orchestra



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Chris Trinidad y Con Todo

Fresh Latin jazz from some of San Francisco’s most respected salsa musicians, arranged by a Grammy-award-winning composer.

Recipe for “Con Todo”: Take one Filipino-Canadian bass player, add songs he wrote on cruise ships in the Caribbean, and marinate for 19 years. Combine with one Mexican-American Grammy-winning arranger of salsa music. Then enjoy this Latin jazz album of cross-pollinated melodies, rhythms, and genres from two North American musicians with a passion for the flavours of Afro-Cuban music. Chris Trinidad and Christian Tumalan collaborate and celebrate on this cross-border project. They’re joined by celebrated musicians like longtime Santana horn section members Bill Ortiz and Jeff Cressman. Together, they explore what music sounds like when walls are broken and borders are opened.

“… one of the best of the year!” – Avotcja, host of La Verdad Musical on KPOO 89.5 FM and KPFA 94.1 FM

“The rhythm team percolate like sizzling onions as they suavely drive the line through sauntering and sweaty tunes.” – George Harris, Jazz Weekly

“… there is a viscerally energetic aura about the repertoire on Chris Trinidad y Con Todo.” – Raul Da Gama, Latin Jazz Network

“El disco es un viaje sonoro por diferentes locaciones y emociones, recónditos parajes rítmicos.  En todo el fonograma se hace la buena vibración de la sesiones de grabación, una celebración a la música. Sublime disco.” – DJ El Chino, Solar Latin Club

“Con Todo, with its varied panorama of Afro-Cuban styles prove once again Chris Trinidad is one of the best musicians and composers that should be recognized on a grander scale.” – CJ Shearn, Jazz Views

Chris Trinidad: bass guitar; Christian Tumalan: piano; Carlos Caro: congas, bongo, guiro, chekere; Colin Douglas: timbal kit, bells, clave; Bill Ortiz: trumpet; Jeff Cressman: trombone; Jamie Dubberly: trombone; Tony Peebles: tenor saxophone; Tod Dickow: flute; Anthony Blea: violin; Juan Luis Perez: voice; Christelle Durandy: voice