Brave Waves: Havens of the Light

GENRES: World fusion

INFLUENCES: Singer-songwriter music mixed with piano, bagpipes, tabla, and bass guitar!



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Brave Waves | Havens of the Light

The poetry of Tagore set to eclectic instrumentation including bagpipes, bass guitar, and tabla

Singer-songwriter Joe McDonald is perhaps better known in Vancouver as a bagpiper for hire and a liturgical musician, but his love of poetry combined with his effervescent positive attitude provide the platform for Havens of the Light. Joining him are Chris on bass guitar and drums, and Neelamjit Dhillon on tabla, sitar, alto saxophone, and flute. The bagpipes are featured on “Gung Haggis Fat Choy,” a theme song to accompany a popular multicultural event hosted by Vancouver’s Todd Wong around the Lunar New Year and Robbie Burns Day.

World music, new-age contemplation, and earnest words characterize this album.

Joe McDonald: voice, bagpipes, keyboards, spoons, and harmonica; Neel Dhillon: tabla, sitar, alto saxophone, flute; Chris Trinidad: bass guitar, drum set