Painted Blank

GENRES: Classic progressive rock, minimalist pop

INFLUENCES: King Crimson; Yes; UK; The Police; Prince



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Painted Blank

Progressive rock nerds stuck in jazz school experimenting with music

The story goes that bassist Chris Trinidad and guitarist Matt Rogers were seated beside each other during jazz history class in college. During a class break, they started hobnobbing about their shared interest in unfashionable progressive rock. It was then that drummer Shawn Killaly, who sat behind them eavesdropping, piped up and expressed his admiration for Yes and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford. A jam session was quickly setup and along came Matt’s best friend Sven Theunissen and fellow classmate Dawn Pemberton. The album was recorded in Matt’s basement, affectionately dubbed Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood Studios.

Painted Black’s first (and only) album features pop melodies, odd time signatures, guitar and bass interplay, keyboard textures, mallet percussion, and soulful vocals inspired by the progressive rock of yesteryear.

Matt Rogers: guitars, mandolin, keyboards, voice; Sven Theunissen: voice, guitar; Chris Trinidad: bass guitar, keyboards, voice; Shawn Killaly: percussion; Dawn Pemberton: voice