Subla Neokulintang



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The final recording of Filipino music master Danongan Kalanduyan, featuring traditional Kulintang rhythms adapted for Western instruments.

Master Danongan Kalanduyan made it his life’s work to share the music of his people with North American audiences. Kulintang, as the music is called, is related to other gong-chime musics of Southeast Asia. This final recording shows the master opening the door to fusing his traditional concepts with modern ideas and instrumentation.

The word subla in Maguindanaoan (a southern Philippine dialect) means “beyond.”

Bo Razon on guitar plays the traditional time-keeping role of the babendil, while bass guitarist Chris Trinidad performs the rhythms of the dabakan and the melodies of the gandingan. Frank Holder, one of Kalanduyan’s master students, anchors things on cajon and dabakan.

Mix Kulintang with the form and harmonies of Western European art music, and you get “Subla Neokulintang.”

PERSONNEL: Danongan Kalanduyan: kulintang, agung a tambol; Bo Razón: guitars, agung, agung a tambol; Chris Trinidad: bass guitars, agung, agung a tambol; Frank Holder: dabakan, cajon, cymbals, agung a tambol

GENRES: World Fusion

INFLUENCES: King Crimson; Ancient Future; Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble



  1. Karatung Subla Neokulintang 0:30
  2. Sinulog Subla Neokulintang 0:30
  3. Binalig Subla Neokulintang 0:30
  4. Tidtu Slow Subla Neokulintang 0:30
  5. Duyog Subla Neokulintang 0:30
  6. Maranao Suite Subla Neokulintang 0:30
  7. Tidtu Fast Subla Neokulintang 0:30

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