Amalia Townsend: Amalia

Retro-soul band with funky horns, jazz influenced and vocals by this future electronic songbird.

When Painted Blank dissolved, Chris and Matt were on the lookout for a new project. Enter Amalia Townsend, a chanteuse whose creative energy motivated them to help pen her debut album.

The sound was inspired by Earth Wind, and Fire, Tower of Power, Chaka Khan, the Brand New Heavies, and other jazz-funk exotica. Amalia’s debut album was a hit with Canadian industry executives.

Horns, fretless bass guitar, funky keyboards and guitar, and furious drumming provide the backdrop for Amalia’s inspired vocals.

PERSONNEL: Amalia Townsend: voice; Matt Rogers: guitar; Roberto Florencio: keyboards; Chris Trinidad: bass guitar; Morgan Childs: drum set; Kevin Shan: tenor saxophone; Lisa Menard: baritone saxophone; Mark D’Angelo: trumpet; Bruce Flello: trombone

GENRES: Horn funk, neo-soul, jazz fusion

INFLUENCES: Earth, Wind, and Fire; Tower of Power; Chaka Khan; the Brand New Heavies




Amalia Townsend: Amalia