Chris Trinidad’s Chant Triptych II

Gregorian chant melodies — radically re-arranged for a world fusion jazz quintet


The most revolutionary act of resistance is to create art. In this time of building walls and closing borders, art has the capacity to communicate beyond our divisions. Chant Triptych II is the second in a series of albums that reimagine Gregorian chant melodies in new contexts.

Chris Trinidad composes refreshing and daring arrangements using instruments from radically different musical traditions: tambura from Bulgaria, tabla and bansuri from India, bongo and congas from the Caribbean, bass guitar from North America, and accordion influenced by Argentinian tango, Brazilian forro, and other folk traditions.


“… the music is commandingly performed.” – Nigel Jarrett, Jazz Journal

“A successful tale of melodic ecumenism.” – George Harris, Jazz Weekly

“Descriptive play-by-play rarely (and barely) does justice to the pure imagination in Trinidad’s arrangements which open up music deeply connected to a specific place and time for contemporary global jazz audiences.” – Chris Slawecki, All About Jazz

“These arrangements go far beyond the unadorned basic melodies, placing them in a rich harmonic and rhythmic context.” – Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

“Trinidad’s respect for the source material is injected with a freedom to allow the soloists to express themselves without restriction. One of the most unique releases of the year.” – CJ Shearn, Jazz Views

“Trinidad creo este disco partiendo de la base que el potencial creativo y la fuerza del ingenio debían ser apoyadas y fomentadas para alcanzar un desarrollo personal y crecimiento espiritual . Trinidad explora los vasos comunicantes entre melodías del oriente y el occidente, creando un vasto universo sonoro y crisol rítmico que traspasa fronteras.” – DJ El Chino, Solar Latin Club


PERSONNEL: Chris Trinidad: bass guitar; Alex Hand: guitar, tambura; Colin Hogan: accordion, melodica; Mario Salomon: bongo, congas, maracas, campana; Neelamjit Dhillon: tabla, bansuri, kanjira, alto saxophone

GENRES: World fusion, ethno-jazz

INFLUENCES: John McLaughlin’s Shakti, John Zorn’s Masada, Chris Speed’s Pachora, Rabih Abou Khalil



  1. Sinite Parvulos Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30
  2. Beatus Quem Elegisti Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30
  3. Dispersit Dedit Pauperibus Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30
  4. Venite Filii Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30
  5. Qui Timent Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30
  6. Nolite Diligere Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30
  7. Timeat Eum Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30
  8. Qui Fecerit Chris Trinidad's Chant Triptych II 0:30

Chris Trinidad’s Chant Triptych II

Format : CD