Dramatic Adrift: Nothing Personal

Late ’80s melodies, touches of Pink Floyd tempos, lead guitar histrionics, and busy bass guitar.

Adolescent innocence forms the material for this admittedly pretentious concept album. While Chris was performing with Painted Blank, he and former high school bandmate Jon Leeson recorded the material they had performed together at many high school dances and all-ages community shows. Chris put his multi-instrumentalist hat on to record all of the instruments (with varying levels of success). Still, he learned plenty about the process of recording and production from his friend Matt Rogers, who kindly recorded the album.

PERSONNEL: Jon Leeson: voice, acoustic guitar, mandolin; Chris Trinidad: voice, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drum set

GENRES: Neo-progressive rock, album-oriented rawk

INFLUENCES: Pink Floyd; Def Leppard; wailing lead guitars; cheesy ‘80s power ballads



  1. Ignored Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  2. Lost In A Dream Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  3. Effervescent Moonlight Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  4. Distance and Circumstance Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  5. Escape Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  6. Taken For A Fool Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  7. Destination Uncertainty Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  8. I Guess I Think I Know Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  9. Justify The Ends Dramatic Adrift 0:30
  10. Blue Sky Remains Dramatic Adrift 0:30

Dramatic Adrift: Nothing Personal

Format : CD